Nathan Atherley

EBV Class of 2010

Nathan is a former Air Force Captain, and resides in Mountain View, California.   His Company Repify is an Internet-based platform designed to disclose and protect a user’s online reputation.  Nathan came to UConn with an established business plan and a website in the beginning stages of operation.

Nathan writes:

We continue to make good progress and have seen some really nice traction and support with advisors.  Dick Schlosberg III, Chuck Wallace and Wild Bill Stealey have all agreed to help advise us.  All three are Air Force veterans and graduates of the Air Force Academy.  Dick is currently a Board Member of EBay and former CEO of the LA Times, Denver Post and the Packard Foundation. Chuck is a co-founder of eSurance and a serial entrepreneur and Wild Bill was the co-founder of Microprose software which he helped take public.  [On November 30, 2011] we met with our first outside investor and the meeting went really well.

The fund, Kickstart Fund, has agreed to begin due diligence and become the lead investor.  The only hiccup was that we need to find a co-investor for the full financing.  We need someone or some fund willing to put in $250,000-$350,000 of a $500,000 – $600,000 raise.  Otherwise, things are going well, we continue to have traction in sites that are interested in partnering with us, but do need some full time resources to dedicate to integration as well as handle any problems that arise during these partner site operations.  We still have challenges around marketing and business development.  We are really thankful the help that all of the UConn EBV family has provided us and really hope we can take the Repify story, which is really the military story in all of us (valuing trust, honor and reputation) to fulfilling our dreams of making the world a better place, one reputation at a time.

Please feel free to contact me to get more specifics on how we are doing or if you can help! or 719-321-6135


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