Christopher M. Dalrymple

EBV Class of 2010

Chris is an AGR (Active Guard Reserve) Major with the Indiana National Guard. He is also an avid fitness guru and former bodybuilder.  His company, Command Fitness, is in the early stages planning and development.  In the coming months he will again deploy overseas.

Chris has provided an update below:

Since I left UConn, I have registered my company with the State of Indiana under Command Fitness.  I used some of the money to incorporate my business as an LLC.  I have also purchased a domain for the webpage.  Another portion of the money is going into web design of my webpage  I have three close friends who are all Veterans as well going into the business with me as well as partners.  We are looking at creative ways in building capitol as well as looking at the Patriot Loan.  I am 90% complete on my business plan with all the research and analysis integrated into the plan.  I plan on submitting my business plan for grant money NLT two weeks.  The initiate site location has not been narrowed down just yet but I do have an area location in mind.  I have formulated a plan for expansion as the business grows with its success.  First site being the Greenwood Location, then Muncie Indiana, then Carmi Illinois, and finally three surrounding location to the Indianapolis area.

The way ahead: Â  I expect to have the Alert Order for Mobilization in sometime in January which will spell out approximately when I will be deploying overseas yet again.  My intent is to have everything laid out and in line ready for ground breaking by the time I return.  This means I will have to have the capitol raised for around 1.5 million for the business startup.  I will have my business website up and running.  I will have to have a contractor selected with the building plans of how the gym will be built.  I need to work the exact location through a realtor as to where I will purchase land to build the gym.  I will need to have a list of gym equipment needed to be purchased upon building completion.  I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me, especially once I return from this next deployment.  That’s why I am trying to have all the cards in place ahead of time so that I can pursue the dream once I return.

Once again, it has been such a pleasure to meet you and all the staff at UConn.  I really see all of you as friends and not mere acquaintances.  From this veteran, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work, time and talent shared with us over a very short week.

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