Brady Fowler

Brady dreams of providing local employment through commercialization of his hydronic heating system. His system uses gasification of renewable materials to provide a source of hot water heat for residential purposes.


Since leaving the resident phase of the EBV he has had his water heater design put into Auto-Cad, providing engineers, welders, electricians, and Brady a way to make collaborative decisions regardless of their location.The Auto-Cad pictures are 3 dimensional and have all of the details required to produce the heaters. Brady and his team also launched their internal web host service to house and keep all of the intellectual properties while allowing limited accesses to contractors or outside service providers to help make changes or big parts. He has added a business phone and fax number to give the appearance of professionalism. Brady is bootstrapping his entire venture to avoid the disruption of outside investment. He continues to test and develop and get ready for UL and ASCE testing and hopes to be up and running in 1/4 speed by June or July of next year. He is working with the UConn IP Clinic and the School of Engineering, respectively, for intellectual property advice and potential testing of his next prototype.

“I wish I could attend a class of the EBV once per week to give me the zest and energy I felt when I was in Connecticut, I still remark to friends, family and other service-members on what an awesome opportunity the EBV really was.” – Brady Fowler

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